COVID Event Notifier

Stay safe during gatherings. Enter your details, your guest's details, and get notified if someone tests positive for COVID-19.

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CVNotifier was a simple project with a simple goal. During the COVID-19 pandemic, after lockdowns ended in most of the world, people started attending in-person events again. While most of these events were small and people still took precautions, there was a concern: What if someone tested positive for COVID-19 after the event ended? How would someone report it to the others? Would they even feel comfortable reporting it?

That's where CVNotifier comes in. Before an event, the host would fill out an online form on our website asking for the date of the event, and phone numbers of those that were attending. Some time after the event ended, we'd send an SMS to those that attended. There would be 3 simple options: Yes, I attended the event and tested positive; No, I didn't attend the event and/or tested negative; Opt out.

If nobody tested positive for COVID-19, nothing else would happen. But if someone tested positive, those that didn't opt out would receive a message linking to the CDC's website for guidance on how to proceed. The entire process was designed to be as private and respectful as possible. We would never reveal guest names to other guests, even if someone tested positive. And we'd always respect opt-out and data deletion requests.

The project would run exclusively on optional donations of hosts and others. The goal was not to make a huge profit: it was to provide a self-supporting essential service.

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