HiJump Trampoline Land

HiJump Trampoline Land is an innovative Roblox experience that I designed, managed, and built.

Epic Studios
/Game Design /Graphic Design /UI Design /Project Management

HiJump Trampoline Land is an innovative Roblox experience that I designed, managed, and built. With English, Spanish, and Chinese languages, this version of HiJump is designed to be the most accessible, best version yet and has received tens of thousands of visits.

It features attractive, bright colors, realistic lighting and sun rays, cool animations like front-flip and back-flip, and an incredible foam pit. The shop allows users to purchase items in the experience, like a Mega Trampoline-- allowing players to jump even higher. It could also be a 2x Speed boost to get around the map faster, or even a Sparkly Cat pet to show off.

Design partially inspired by Adopt Me!, Royale High, and other popular Roblox experiences with a similar art style.

HiJump China Thumbnail
HiJump Shop Concept
2022 Pets Ad

Color Sheet

Classic HiJump Icon